Uvaa Movie Review

STORY: Worried about their future, five wayward teens from remote villages in UP are enrolled in an English medium school in Faridabad by their respective families in order to reform them. But can the youngsters adapt to their new posh surroundings? Things further take an ugly turn when the boys get involved in a criminal case.

REVIEW: Ram (Vikrant Roy), Anil (Rohan Mehra), Vikram (Lavin Gothi) Salmaan (Mohit Baghel) and Deenbandhu (Meghvrat Singh) are good-for-nothing brats, who fool around and ogle their female colleagues and firang teachers, dressed in seductive saris. They don't pay heed to the regular punishments they are subjected to or warnings given by the school staff. However, things escalate when three of them are taken into police custody for allegedly raping their principal's daughter. The boys claim innocence. Even their school, family and friends stand by them but law must take its course and ensuring that is S.P. Tejaveer Singh (Jimmy Sheirgill). Does truth prevail?

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