Me Movie Review

STORY: Sarah (Kaur) is a psychologist who attempts to cure her husband's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She enlists the help of psychiatrist Dr. Khan (Aman), who she also falls for. Unknown to her, Khan, a believer in 'Paranormal Psychology' had previously received a message in a seance asking him to help a woman named Sarah. Their story takes a strange turn when sinister events start to occur.

REVIEW: ME is a movie that probably started out as a decent idea on paper, but fell completely flat on its face in execution, in almost every possible way.

Sarah is really concerned about her spouse Aryan's (Satiish) OCD. Nonetheless, she has a strange way of showing her compassion and concern for him. She often mocks Aryan and taunts him, offering him scant sensitivity and compassion. When Sarah falls for Dr Khan and goes out to meet him, she waves a bottle of wine in her husband's face to make it clearly obvious about what her plans with Dr Khan are. When they initially meet, Khan does some kind of dodgy-looking hypnosis experiment on her to demonstrate how, to him, psychiatry and the paranormal can work in unison.

The sound mixing is amateurish. For example, you'll often hear the sound almost echoing during indoor scenes. There is an inexplicable tendency for unnecessary zoom-ins. Faces fill the frame to such an extent that the top of the character's head doesn't fit in the frame. The camera work is exceedingly amateurish. There is almost no sense of sense of flow in the way the actors deliver their lines. The quality of acting depicted is downright laughable.

During one scene before Sarah and Dr Khan get intimate, they are drinking vodka and wine, separately. She asks him something to the effect of what would happen if vodka and wine meet. This is supposed to sound seductive. Being a movie that is almost excruciating to sit through, ME fails to engage at any level. Do not waste your time and money on this ripe tub of tripe - it can be safely avoided.

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